Math Genius

My Dad is a Math Genius. Or at least he’s really good with numbers. But not just good. He does all of theses tricks with numbers.

Dad talking about mathLike, he said, “Charlie, pick a number between 1 and 9.” (I picked 9).

“Now, multiply it by 2.” (9×2=18)

“Add 6 to that number.” (18+6=24)

“And divide by 2.” (24÷2=12)

“Now, subtract the number you picked from that number.” (12-9=3)

“I will just say the magic words ‘Gobbledygook’ and the number you’re left with is….3!”

I begged him to tell me how he did it, but he wouldn’t.

And he does stuff like that all the time.

Master Messenger

Every two weeks students in Mrs. Burke’s empire gets a job. Things like “Imperial Zookeeper” (feeding the class hamster, tortoise and hermit crab), “Majestic Gardener” (watering the plants), and “Royal Paper Monitor” (in charge of collecting and handing out papers).

But the best job in Mrs. Burke’s Empire is “Master Messenger”.Charlie running as class messenger

When you’re Master Messenger, you get to deliver things anywhere in the school. Mrs. Burke might send you to ask Mr. Turchin the custodian for help, or ask you to bring back something from the library or the office or even the teachers’ lounge. It means you get out of class and you’re in the hallway all by yourself while everyone else in the whole school is stuck in their classrooms suffering.

I haven’t been the Master Messenger. Yet.