Career Week

In two weeks Mrs. Burke’s class is having career week. That’s when a different parent comes in and talks about their job. Tommy Kasten, my best friend, is in Mrs. L’s class and they don’t have career week. They have Rainforest week.

In my class, Alex McLeod’s Dad makes video games, Tricia Davidoff’s Dad makes sports jerseys and hats, Maria Braxton’s parents are bakers and Robby Rosen’s Dad builds houses. My dad is an accountant. He’s a good accountant but it doesn’t sound as much fun as video games or making cookies.
Tracey Hazlett talks to Charlie
Maybe that’s why I told everyone that he’s really important and that the president of the company asks for his advice. Maybe that’s why I let everyone think he’d bring in calculators for the class. Maybe that’s why I let Tracy Hazlett think my dad was almost the president of the company. And not just a really good accountant.


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