charlieshoeName: Charlie Bumpers

Grade: 4th, Mrs. Burke’s class

Family: Mom (Gloria), Dad (Jim), Matt (older brother), Mabel aka “the Squid” (little sister)

Favorite food: Train wreck: I made it up myself. The recipe is ketchup, cottage cheese and noodles.

Favorite sport: Soccer. Everyone should play it.

Favorite color: I like royal blue because that was the color that my first soccer team wore.

Favorite superhero: I don’t have a favorite super hero, but I do like Buck Meson. He’s a detective from Andromeda.

Favorite holiday: I like any holiday that means school vacation. Is summer a holiday?

Least favorite food: The stir fried vegetables with rice my mom makes. Yuck!

Least favorite sport: Golf. How can it be a sport if you don’t run?

Personal motto: “Eating candy bars is a wonderful idea. Selling them is not.”

Best Friends: Tommy Kasten and Hector Adélia

Least favorite thing: Horror movies!!!

Least favorite holiday: Thanksgiving (maybe)

Favorite sports team: The Pirates (my soccer team)

Best job in Mrs. Burke’s Empire: Master Messenger


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