Selling Chocolate Bars

sellingneighbors1“And finally, in a couple of weeks, we’ll be handing out boxes of chocolate bars to sell for the league. We really need everyone to pitch in so the league can buy new equipment and pay the refs. Mrs. Patel will be in charge of keeping track of the sales. So start thinking about who might buy some candy from you. See you all at practice next Thursday!”

Selling stuff! Oh no! Grown-ups are always having kids sell things. In second grade I had to sell greeting cards and wrapping paper for a school fundraiser, and it had been a complete disaster. Nobody on my street wanted to buy anything, and my mom only bought one roll of wrapping paper with candy canes on it because she felt sorry for me. I sold the least in my class, and of course Samantha Grunsky, who is ALWAYS in my class and ALWAYS ANNOYING, sold the most in the whole school and won a bicycle.

Eating candy bars is a wonderful idea. Selling them is not.


Game Prep

On the Saturday morning of our first game, I woke up really early with butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous, but I couldn’t wait to get to the field.

Charliedressing1.jpgWhen I dress for a soccer game, I have a very particular method, which I invented last year. First, I put on my shorts (well, after my underwear, great big duh!), then I spread my shirt out smoothly on the bed with the front side facing down and the bottom of the shirt hanging just off the edge. I put the shirt on by wriggling my arms and head in at the same time.

Next comes my left shin guard, then my right. I put on my left sock, then my right, and pull them all the way up over the shin guards. After that I put on my shoes, first the left one, then the right. The last thing I do is tie each lace, left then right, with a double knot.

The first time I used my special method, I scored two goals. I’ve dressed that way ever since.

It doesn’t always work.

But I still do it.

The Pirates of Doom!

ITommyProclamation1 was eager to find my team. It was my first year in the ten-and-under league, and by some miracle, my two best friends, Hector Adélia and Tommy Kasten, were on my team. They were both excellent players. And my mom said that our coach, Mr. Carmody, had been a college soccer coach, so I figured he knew everything.

The Pirates were going to rule the soccer season. We would score a million goals.

Or at least fifty.

“This year is going to be awesome!” Tommy said. “Can you believe we’re on the same team?”

“The Pirates,” Hector said.

“More like the Proud Pirates!” Tommy said.

“The Proud Punishing Pirates,” I said.

“The three of us together,” Tommy said solemnly, raising his hand, “will be known as the Pirates of Doom. Arrrrrr!”

Charlie Bumpers vs. the Puny Pirates available everywhere September 1, 2016

Sign up for Soccer!

ballJoin one of our teams and have fun!

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Join our league today. No previous experience necessary. All are welcomed.

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Charlie Bumpers vs. the Puny Pirates available everywhere September 1, 2016