Game Prep

On the Saturday morning of our first game, I woke up really early with butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous, but I couldn’t wait to get to the field.

Charliedressing1.jpgWhen I dress for a soccer game, I have a very particular method, which I invented last year. First, I put on my shorts (well, after my underwear, great big duh!), then I spread my shirt out smoothly on the bed with the front side facing down and the bottom of the shirt hanging just off the edge. I put the shirt on by wriggling my arms and head in at the same time.

Next comes my left shin guard, then my right. I put on my left sock, then my right, and pull them all the way up over the shin guards. After that I put on my shoes, first the left one, then the right. The last thing I do is tie each lace, left then right, with a double knot.

The first time I used my special method, I scored two goals. I’ve dressed that way ever since.

It doesn’t always work.

But I still do it.



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