4th grade so far or living in Mrs. Burke’s Empire

charliesamSo far 4th grade is okay. Tommy, my best friend, isn’t in my class. And Samantha Grunsky, who already knows everything anyway, sits right behind me, but Mrs. Burke isn’t too bad. Well, not as bad as I thought she was going to be. And Hector, the new kid from Chile, is in my class. He’s quiet but he runs fast and isn’t annoying.

I just have to work on keeping my desk clean and remembering the rules of Mrs. Burke’s Empire.

  1. Stay at your desk unless you have permission to get up.
  2. We will all show respect to our neighbors.
  3. Always remember to put things away.
  4. Raise your hand.

I’m good at #1 and okay at #2, but I sometimes forget #4. #3 is complicated because even when I’m sure I’ve remembered, I find paper on the floor. But I’m working on it.


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