My Friends: Tommy and Hector

TommyTommy and I have been best friends since second grade. He is excellent at many things. He draws great cartoons. He can make his voice sound just like a sports announcer. He does a hilarious duck imitation. He can turn his eyelids inside out and it’s really gross and none of the grown-ups can stand it. But he also has a habit of blurting things out when it would be better to keep his mouth shut. Like the time he told my dad that we didn’t mean to let the air out of the car tire.

And this year we are NOT in the same class! The fourth grade is going to be the worst year ever!

hectorHe was wearing glasses with black frames and his clothes were all new. His shirt was tucked into his pants. He looked very neat, like someone who would take a bath without being told.

Hector is the New Kid, but he’s nice. Quiet. He’s from Chile and he’s a fast runner. Faster than me and Darren Thompson, who gave me a wedgie. (stay away from Darren Thompson)


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