Meet Mrs. Burke – Teacher of the Year

mrsburke“Welcome to Mrs. Burke’s top-security penitentiary,” she said with an evil smile.

I looked at her. I’d never heard that word before.

“Penitentiary means prison,” she said.

I knew it! And I was going to be locked up here for a whole year!

My mom thought Mrs. Burke was great. She was teacher of the year last school year. But Mom didn’t know what else happened last school year.

It was a complete accident!

I was in the hall with my best friend Tommy and he threw my shoe down the hall, so I threw his shoe down the hall. Unfortunately, Mrs. Burke came out of her room and Tommy’s shoe hit her in the head.

So finding out that Mrs. Burke is going to be my teacher for the entire fourth grade is the worst news ever. The only bright spot is that Tommy is always in my class. Always.


4 thoughts on “Meet Mrs. Burke – Teacher of the Year

  1. Do you remember Artgum erasers? In the 7th grade my teacher, Mrs. Hurst left the room and Billy went to the pencil sharpener by the door, turned and threw a Artgum eraser at me. He missed so I picked it up and threw it back at him just as Mr. Johns, our Principal walked through the door. It hit him in the forehead and I got hit somewhere else. My mother also taught in the same school so I got hit again that night at home.
    Charlie brings back memories.
    Jim Gregory

  2. Phyllis Wright (Teacher of the year from the OAEYC (Ohio Association for the Education of Young Children) says:

    Bill, I love Mrs. Burke’s sense of humor. Yours too, you are such a funny man.
    I was hooked after Mrs. Burke’s introduction to the class! CAN’T WAIT for the rest of the story!

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